Today is Thursday October 6th 2016. This morning we are tracking a number of things around the world.


United States

  • Hurricane Matthew
    • Mandatory Evacuations have been posted for a number of communities along the Florida East Coast
    • As of 2am Matthew was a Category 3 Hurricane clocking winds of 115 mph and a pressure of 954mb
    • Matthew should be making it’s closest approach to Florida Friday AM based on some of the forecast models
  • Election 2016
    • I’ll have my reactions to the Vice presidential debatesĀ as well as what to look forward to in the next presidential debate.


  • After Russia’s Embassy in Damascus Syria was attack Monday The US and Russia ended all diplomatic talks concerning Syria and Russia bolstered it’s Air defenses.
  • Russia is telling it’s citizens that a Nuclear Confrontation with the West could be coming soon and to be prepared
  • Russia is conducting Nuclear Drills to test it’s preparedness consisting of more then 40 million people. The Drills are designed to test everything from it’s notification systems to post attack response.
  • The US is mulling over possible responses to Russia’s Continued airstrikes on Aleppo Syria including Military options.


Hurricane Track – Hurricane Matthew Update